Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Schedule View-A-Thon 5000 - Wednesday 21st December

Hello again, here's what's on the TV on Wednesday 21st December.

Freaky Friday (Channel Four) 11.30am - The one from 1976 with Jodie Foster in. Obviously better than the more recent Lindsay Lohan vehicle.

Oliver Twist (Channel Four) 1.25pm - A recent Ben Kingsley version, not seen it but hey, Charles Dickens. Also couldn't be as bad as The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, which was a bit shite. I wanted to like it but it's just wasn't funny. What a shame.

Top of the Pops Christmas Special (BBC 2) 7.30pm - Mark Radcliffe (my favourite ex-Radio One DJ) hosts the show which is a compilation of vintage clips. It's probably going to be 90 minutes of taking the piss out of old Christmas hits and Christmas outfits. That's not a bad thing (may actually be a bad thing).

Bad Santa (Channel Four) 9pm - Billy Bob Thornton is the best (worst) shopping mall Santa ever. A great film and one for the Christmas misanthropes of the world.

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